Monday, 21 November 2011

Equestrian Dressage tickets

Dressage is a French word which is most usually translated as horse training for contests and it is a competitive equestrian sport which is called Equestrian Dressage and is one of three disciplines of Equestrian. Classical dressage reached its peak with the development of the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, which laid the basis for the elegant, graceful sport practised today.

Equestrian sport the past goes back to further than 2,000 years when the Greeks initiated dressage training to train their horses for battle. Equestrian Dressage was first accepted as an Equestrian discipline in Europe. The main purpose of Equestrian Dressage is to burnish the normal athletics skill of a horse. The horse is skilled to perform and make the most of its riding prospective. The horse reacts slickly to rider after regular training and achieves all the actions demanded by rider.

In contemporary Dressage contests, the horse and rider carry out a sequence of actions known as a Dressage test. The trials are carry out in a 60m x 20m stadium ahead of a board of seven judges, who award scores for individual movements and for the overall routine. A Team Equestrian Dressage sport contests includes the Grand Prix and Grand Prix Special rounds and an Individual Equestrian Dressage sport  contests includes the Grand Prix the Grand Prix Special and the Grand Prix Freestyle. 

Equestrian competitions was first introduced on the Olympic games of the Paris Games in 1900  which included jumping events but were then not present until the 1912 Games in Stockholm. Equestrian Dressage was included in 1912 Olympics games. Olympic Equestrian Dressage competitions will be held from 2 August to 9 August 2012  at Greenwich Park. The total number of athletes  which well participates is  50 athletes with their horses will compete for 2 medals. 

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