Thursday, 8 December 2011

Equestrian Eventing Tickets

Equestrian Eventing could be mention an "equestrian triathlon." In equestrian sport, eventing or combined training is considered to be the eventual test. Eventing is an equestrian event including dressage, cross-country and show jumping. eventing is considered one of the toughest equestrian disciplines. Eventing has now evolved into an exciting sport attracting concentration from all levels of sports fans, from weekend hobby riders to professional international stars.

Eventing is made up of three separate experiments, covering every aspect of horsemanship the harmony between horse and rider that characterizes Dressage; the stamina, courage and extensive experience essential for Cross Country, the precision, agility and technique involved in Jumping. Each test is scored individually but added together as penalty points for the final score. Therefore, the competitor with the lowest points wins. A true partnership between horse and rider is necessary to win.

Equestrian Eventing  was also known as “The Militaire” because it was originated from military as military forces trained their horses for wars.  each country depended upon the cavalry in battle and horses were a vital part of the Army. Cavalry competitions were developed to test the horse's endurance, speed, stamina, and obedience under pressure as well as the endurance and ability of the rider. Though the sport has changed and evolved through the years, these are the same objectives of today's event horse and rider.

Eventing competitions that resemble the current three-day were first held in 1902, but were not introduced into the Olympic Games until 1912 in Stockholm, Sweden. The Olympic eventing competition was originally open only to male military officers in active duty, mounted only on military charges. When the FEI formed in 1921, eventing was one of the founding disciplines. In 1924, the event was open to male civilians, even though non-commissioned Army officers could not take part in the Olympics until 1956. Women were first permitted to take part in 1964. Equestrian sports are one of the only Olympic sports in which men and women compete against one another in both individual and team events.

Olympic Equestrian Eventing competitions will be held from 28 July to 1 August at  Greenwich Park. The total number of athletes will be 75 for 2 medals. There was a huge demand for Equestrian Eventing  Tickets from the Equestrian Eventing  fans through the world. Equestrian Eventing  fans can get their Olympic Equestrian Eventing Tickets from sport ticket Exchange. Equestrian Eventing Tickets are now available for reservation in a limited number at sport ticket Exchange for affordable price. All Olympic Games lovers should act quickly to guarantee their 2012 Olympic Tickets from sport ticket Exchange.

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